BLACK FRIDAY WEEK (English Version)

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What do I have to do to participate in the Black Friday Week campaign?

馃摫 Receive the Black Friday Week campaign in the Verse App.

馃挵 Make the first payment with the hashtag #BlackFridayWeek2020

馃挋 Use the Verse App this week with your friends.


What type of payment can I use?

  • Pay with friends
  • Request a payment from friends
  • Split payments
  • Payments within groups - 鈥榮ettle up鈥
  • Payments with VerseCard

Black Friday link?

Click here 馃摬

How long does the campaign last?

 The campaign starts on Wednesday, November 25th and ends Monday, November 29th at 23:59.


When will I receive my reward?

The next Tuesday, December 1st we will distribute the rewards.


What is the campaign reward?

The prize will be 鈧 0.25 for each different person to whom you make a payment greater than 鈧 1. The maximum prize is 鈧 20 per user.


What happens if I commit fraud with this campaign?
Verse reserves the right to exclude all those who make payments with unknown users in order to obtain the greatest number of payments. This is considered abuse, and a false use of the Verse App.



Identity of the organizing company 

The company DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L., with a registered address of Plaza Catalunya, 21 - LOC PLT 3, Barcelona, 08002, Barcelona, and assigned tax identification number B66570490, has organized this campaign known as 鈥淏lack Friday Week 2020鈥.


Contest start and end dates and geographic scope 

The contest shall commence on 25/11/2020 at 10:00 a.m. and will end on 29/11/2020 at 23:59 p.m. Participation will only be allowed during that time period. The campaign is intended for users in Spain. DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. hereby reserves the right to postpone or extend the contest period in the event of force majeure as well as the right to interpret these legal terms and conditions. 


Rules and conditions for participating 

Any natural person over the age of 18 who resides in Spain may participate in the contest. No company employees, fraudulent profiles, contest experts or people who do not reside in Spain may participate. 

DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. hereby reserves the right to make any changes to the campaign while it is ongoing if there is any cause that prevents it from being completed or in order to enhance the progress thereof. 


Selection of the winner and type of draw 

Everyone who follows the rules and conditions specified in the section above will win a prize of up to 鈧20. DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. is not liable for any errors in the data provided by the winners/runners-up preventing their identification. 


Value and nature of the prize offered 

The prize will be 鈧0.25 for each different person you make a payment to totalling more than 鈧1. DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. is not liable for any possible losses, deterioration, theft or any other circumstance attributable to messenger鈥檚 services that may affect prize distribution. 


Personal data protection 

The data provided by the participants will be processed confidentially and compiled in an automatic personal data file owned by DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L., which is the data controller of said file.  The purpose of maintaining such data is: 

To manage contestants鈥 participation and contact them. Communicate the contest winners to them. Send marketing information on DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. 

DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. hereby guarantees full compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on Personal Data Protection when processing the personal data collected for the contest (鈥淏lack Friday Week 2020!鈥), particularly as concerns exercising rights of information, access, rectification, objection and cancellation in relation to the contestants鈥 personal data. 


Penalties for fraudulent use 

We understand fraud as the use of independent platforms or applications to tag users that are not real (bots) as well as conducts we detect which are seemingly abusive and/or malicious. 

DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. guarantees that any evidence of any of these practices will disqualify the contestant from the contest / cancel any votes or participations we believe have arrived through means not allowed by the campaign. 

DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. hereby reserves the right to take legal action against any person engaging in any type of action that may be considered manipulation or falsification of the contest. 

DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. is not liable for any damages that may be due to a temporary lack of availability or continuity in the functioning of the application through which people may participate in the promotion, any improper use by users of such application and/or access to the different pages and participating responses sent via the Internet. 


This contest is not linked to any platform or social media network. 

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not sponsor, support or manage this promotion in any way nor are they associated with it. The participant is providing their information and data to DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. and not to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. 


Acceptance of the Contest Rules 

Participation in the contest implies acceptance of these legal terms and conditions. Any statement of the non-acceptance of all or part of these rules will lead to the participant鈥檚 exclusion and, as a result thereof, DECENTRALIZED GLOBAL PAYMENTS, S.L. will be released of compliance with any obligation undertaken towards such participant.

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