What will happen with my VerseCard?

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If you are under 18 years old, have parental consent and your ID is from Spain, Italy, or Portugal, you will be able to continue using your VerseCard when we validate the authorization of your parent, tutor or legal guardian. Remember that to verify your account your NIE, residence permit or passport are not valid documents.

If your ID card is from a European Union country other than Spain, Italy, or Portugal, this means that you will not be able to use Verse as a minor. In this case, your VerseCard will remain active until you turn 18. Your VerseCard will only be canceled if you have never used it, and it has been between 9 and 12 months since you activated it. 

Remember that, for the moment, accounts for minors are only available to existing users (i.e. those who opened their account before October 2022). But fear not, we hope to re-enable accounts for minors in the coming months! 💙

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