Why do I need the authorization of one of my parents, tutor or legal guardian?

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The laws to which we are subject to do not allow us to provide payment services to individuals under 18 years of age, without the prior consent of a parent, tutor or legal guardian.

For this reason, we must ask you to obtain the permission from one of your parents, tutor or legal guardian to authorize you to use the products and features of Verse which involve the movement of money (for example, sending money to other Verse users, transferring money outside of Verse to the accounts of your family members or friends, request our debit card and make purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs with it, etc).

*At the moment, accounts for minors are only available for existing users (i.e. those who opened their account before October 2022). But fear not, we hope to re-enable accounts for minors in the coming months! 💙

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