Why haven’t I received my VerseCard reward after my purchase?

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Keep in mind that in order to get the reward, you must meet the goal set by the brand 💪🏼. Imagine, for example, that for every purchase you receive 10% cashback and the target to unlock the reward is to accumulate 10 EUR. If in your first purchase you have accumulated an amount lower than the objective the reward will not be credited, remember that the objective may be different depending on the brand.

To make sure that the reward is unlocked, we recommend you to use your VerseCard for everything 😎.

If you have reached the target and have not received the cashback, feel free to contact us, and we will check what might have happened, we are here to help you. Remember that each brand establishes its own deadline to pay the reward, meaning that if you get it on the 10th, the brand may pay it on the 15th.

You can read more about the conditions of the campaign in the VerseCard Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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