What can I use Verse for?

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You can use Verse to:

✧ Open a free account in less than 5 min.
✧ Pay anyone in a few seconds. You just need their phone number or $VerseTag
✧ Send money to users that have downloaded Verse in any of the countries we are present in.
✧ Split your payments
✧ Create Groups and Events
✧ Make payments and withdraw your money with your VerseCard.
✧ Save for whatever you want with VerseWallets.
✧ Send standard and instant transfers to other banks.
✧ Pay your monthly bills.
✧ Have fun with our games.
✧ See what your friends are up to in the Verse feed.

You choose what you want to use Verse for 😄. What we give you goes far beyond what a traditional bank could offer you. Remember: Your money, your rules!

Tell the whole world about it and become an Ambassador 🥇.

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