Why do I have rewards turned deactivated?

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When we detect that someone signs up to the app with the sole purpose of inviting friends and getting the reward, and the new users they have brought too, don't use the app as expected, we block the rewards.

As soon as we notice that it is being used not only for rewards, but to make use of more products or services, we will be able to activate the rewards again 🤓. Additionally, we may disable rewards if either user requesting the reward shares the other's personal information with any other account on Verse (regardless of reason). For example, phone number, email, ID or card.

💡 It is important to explain to your friends the daily uses they can give to Verse, beyond the rewards they can get. Here are some examples of using our application:

✧ Use the VerseCard to pay at any online or physical store
✧ Create Groups with your friends to share expenses
✧ Split the dinner bill with your friends and pay your share
✧ Make transfers to people who are not Verse users
✧ Make instant transfers (in seconds) throughout Europe
✧ Create a Wallet to separate savings or money for your projects or goals

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