Can I withdraw money and make purchases in physical stores with my virtual VerseCard?

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Yes, you can do both with your virtual card ✌🏻.

To make withdrawals at a contactless ATM and purchases in physical stores with your virtual VerseCard, you must first:

  1. Check if your mobile phone has NFC technology that allows you to make purchases in physical stores or withdraw money at ATMs using the virtual card registered in your device. If not, don't worry, you can still use the virtual VerseCard for online purchases.
  2. Once this has been verified, you must add your VerseCard to your phone, in the Apple Pay app (if you have a mobile with iOS), or in Google Pay (if you have a mobile with Android).
    Once you have downloaded the Google Pay or Apple Pay app on your mobile, you must add the virtual VerseCard, indicating all the information required by the Apple Pay or Google Pay wallets, as appropriate: for example, numbers, expiration date and CVC of the card.
    This information can be found in the Verse app, by going to your Profile by clicking on the letter or photo in the upper right corner), then by clicking on “VerseCard”, and finally by clicking on the “View card details” button.

Once you have added the virtual VerseCard to your mobile 📲, you will be able to pay in physical stores with your virtual VerseCard, supporting said virtual card on the reader of the store's point of sale terminal (in contactless mode), as if it were a card physical.

You can also add the card to your Google Pay or Apple Pay wallet on your mobile directly from the “VerseCard” section in the Verse app.

💡 Remember that with your virtual VerseCard you can also withdraw money at all contactless ATMs in the world that have NFC service. All you have to do is bring your mobile closer to the reader, and you're ready. Remember that you have two free withdrawals per month.

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