What does the VerseCard offer me?

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The VerseCard offers you the possibility of making purchases in physical stores, online or withdrawing money from ATMs. At Verse we offer you the VerseCard in two different modalities: virtual card (to add to your phone) and physical card.

You can use your VerseCard to pay and to take money out from ATMs in any country in the world 🌍 where Mastercard is accepted, and we will apply the official exchange rate without any additional fee 🤑. Remember that to take money out from ATMs with the virtual card, you will have to make sure that the ATM has NFC (contactless) service.

Keep in mind that you have up to two free monthly withdrawals of money with your VerseCard at ATMs.

💡 Do not panic! Although the ATM may tell you that they will charge you a fee for the withdrawal, Verse will not (as long as it is one of the two free withdrawals per month that you have with us). And if you had free withdrawals available, and we still charged you, call us, and we'll fix it as quickly as possible.

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