Why did my transfer fail?

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When a transfer fails, it is usually because the destination bank has not accepted it. In this case, the funds will be returned to your Verse balance. Verse will always try to process your transaction several times before the money is returned to your balance.

💡 If your transfer has been canceled by the destination bank, we offer you the following options:

✧ Check that the IBAN of the destination account is correct. To make sure, please remove it and re-associate it with your Verse account.
✧ Contact the destination bank and request that they give you more information about the reason why they have not accepted your transfer.
✧ Try transferring to a different account: change the IBAN of the destination account and send the money to another bank.

Please note that the IBAN of your Verse account cannot be associated as a destination bank account. It would not make sense to send money from your account to your account.

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