How long does it take for my money to get from my Verse account to another bank?

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The crediting time of the money in the destination account will depend on the day and time you make the transfer, and the type of transfer you have selected.

✧ For standard transfers:
Typically, the money takes anywhere from a few seconds to two business days to be credited to the destination bank (in the most extreme case, a transfer ordered on a Friday afternoon can arrive on Tuesday morning). Don't worry, money is never lost and if you think it's taking too long, contact our team and we'll tell you exactly when you'll receive it.

✧ For immediate transfers:
As explained before, if you use this option, the money will be credited to the destination bank in a matter of seconds (or a maximum of 5 minutes). Remember that for just a 1,5% commission (with a minimum of €0.19 and a maximum of €1.99), a small fee in the market that allows us to maintain other features free of charge, you can make use of this option. And of course, if anything fails and it doesn't arrive immediately, we'll automatically refund your commission.

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