How do I receive money from other users of the app?

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If other users of the application owe you money, there are several ways to receive it. The easiest way is for your friends to have a Verse account and pay you through the app in seconds 😎. To do this, they can pay you or you can split expenses with them several ways:

✧ You can ask for money from the "request or split" option that will appear when you click on the blue circle in the lower right corner. You can include yourself or not, and request money from friends as necessary.
✧ If it is money that you receive regularly, you can always create a Group and add the expenses and divide them as you see fit. Groups can be created with two or more people.
✧ If the money you have to receive is associated with a VerseCard charge, you can click on the transaction and select the option "request or split".

If you don't get paid you can always send a reminder to your friends by pressing "payment reminder" 😜 on the balance screen. Pay your fair share!

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