I suspect that I have been scammed by another Verse user: I sent someone money through the app for a product that they sold to me, but it never arrived. What I can do?

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⚠️ If you suspect that you have been scammed by another Verse user, we recommend that you do the following:

  1. File a complaint at the police station of the city where you reside, and provide the authorities with all the data related to the payment. When the police contacts us, we will provide them with the information they require.
  2. Report and block the fraudulent user through the app (that is, the user you suspect has scammed you).

To report the fraudulent user, click on their name and then on the three dots that you will see in the upper right corner, from there you can:

  1. Report the fraudulent user: it is important that you write a detailed description of the operation you carried out with the fraudulent user, so that we can have a record of what happened and inform the authorities that investigate your case.
  2. Block the fraudulent user: if you press this option, this user will not be able to send or request money from you.

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