What if I've sent money to a Verse user but they still haven't received it?

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Payments between registered Verse users are instantaneous 🚀. If a user insists that they have not received it, we invite you to check the following:

✧ Check that the mobile number or the $VerseTag to which you have paid is correct.
✧ Make sure the destination account is verified, otherwise it will not be able to receive your payment.
✧ If the account is not verified within 24 hours, the payment will be cancelled automatically.
✧ If the person is not registered, you can cancel the payment from the app.

For bank transfers to people who are not Verse users, we cannot reverse the operation, whether it be instantaneous or not. However, if you didn't make the transfer, or it was made by reason of deception, contact us, and we will help you claim it from the receiving bank.

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