What are Wallets? What are they for?

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A wallet is a digital 👛 wallet. They're designed to help you achieve your financial goals and control what you spend and invest in each of your projects ✌🏻.

In Verse, you can create up to five wallets, each dedicated to that dream, however big or small, for which you are saving or want to start saving for. The balance of your wallets will not be used for any other purpose (payments to friends, card payments, etc.) unless you put the money back to your main balance.

The idea is to help you plan the budget you want to invest in any plan that comes to mind 😎: a new laptop, the next vacation, a getaway with your friends or significant other, the vet, fixed expenses such as cell phone or rent, gifts… It's up to you.

Try them, they're super useful!

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