How can I add money to Verse?

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You can do it in a few seconds and in different ways, whichever one is best for you 😄:

  1. Receive your salary in Verse. Remember that you can find your IBAN in the app in the “My account data” section.
  2. Use your card directly. We accept the main Visa and MasterCard cards. You must add it by going to the “Add money to Verse” option. It is very fast thanks to the technology that allows you to scan it with your camera as if it were a photo.
  3. Add money with Google Pay or Apple Pay without having to enter any data.
  4. Make a transfer from another bank to your Verse account using your IBAN available in the app.
  5. Use MBWAY to easily add money. (This payment method is only available in Portugal.)

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