What do we mean by "outstanding public function"?

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An "outstanding public function" refers to:

✧ Heads of State, Heads of Government, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Secretaries of State and Chancellors of the Parliament, Government or Ministry;
✧ Deputies and members of the supreme courts, constitutional courts or other high-level judicial bodies
✧ Mayors of municipalities, directors of municipal administrations;
✧ Some countries, such as Spain, also consider councilors of municipalities with at least 50,000 inhabitants to be PEPs
✧ Members of the governing bodies of supreme audit institutions or chairmen of the boards of directors of central banks, vice presidents or members of the boards of directors;
✧ Ambassadors and senior diplomatic officials and officers of the armed forces;
✧ Members of the management or supervisory bodies of state or municipal companies or of companies that are controlled in more than 50% by a government entity;
✧ Heads and deputy heads of
✧ International intergovernmental organizations and members of their management or supervisory bodies;
✧ Political parties and the members of their governing bodies.

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