Why did my profile verification fail?

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Your account verification may have failed for various reasons. In any case, if the verification failed, you will receive a notification indicating the reason. To ensure that the verification does not fail, please review the following points:

✧ Make sure that the ID is valid and in good condition.
✧ Make sure the outer margins of the document are visible
✧ Make sure the image is well framed when you take the photo.
✧ Check that the light is optimal and that the photo is not blurry (try not to move the camera).
✧ When taking the selfie, make sure your face is visible (remember that it cannot be partially covered) and do not use objects such as hats, sunglasses, or a mask.

If the app still does not let you continue with the verification, make sure you have the latest version of the app installed and your device updated.

Verification may fail because there is already another account associated with your mobile number ⚠️. If this is the case, contact us at hello@verse.me and provide us with the new number so that we can transfer the funds and delete the old account.

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