What do I get by signing up?

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With Verse you can manage your money with your own rules 😎. In summary, by signing up you will get:

✧ A payment account with an IBAN, where you can pay your monthly bills or receive your salary
✧ The option to order the VerseCard💳, a virtual and free MasterCard debit card, at no extra cost. Additionally, if you choose, a physical card by paying only the shipping costs.
✧ Access to multiple features to perform payments, split expenses easily (creating groups or events, the option to split payments made with your card...), perform external bank transfers, with the option to make them instant as well.
✧ The possibility to create up to 5 VerseWallets 💰, (electronic wallets associated to your account), so you can save or separate money however you need.
✧ Your $VerseTag, with which you will be able to send and receive money instantly, without having to give out your phone number if you don't want to.

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