Can I choose the privacy of my transactions?

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Yes, of course! As part of our privacy by design obligations, you can choose at any time whether or not you want to share the transaction on the Verse social feed 🌍.

The only operations that, with your permission, we show on the social feed are:
✧ sending money to other Verse users. For example, if you paid a friend for a movie ticket we show the description of the payment you have chosen, and
✧ card operations. For example, if you made a purchase with your VerseCard, we'll display a couple of emojis that represent the payment.

⚠️ Importantly, we will never show the amount of the transaction! Neither in the money transfers you make to other Verse users, nor in the payments you make with your VerseCard.

You can also configure your money transfers to other users or transactions with your VerseCard to always remain private, and are therefore not shown on the social feed of the application. You can do this in the “Settings > Share in feed” section, by pressing the “share payments in feed” button. If you want some transactions to be private but not others, you can always choose the privacy of a payment at the time of making it, by pressing or not the button below the "what is it for?"

If you regret posting a payment or want to share it later, you can go to the details of that payment by clicking on it and you will see the option “privacy of this transaction” and choose the option you prefer 🤗.

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