How do I know that Verse is completely secure?

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The commitment to the security of our users' information and money is very important. Verse is subject to very strict regulations, all of which require us to keep your personal information and money safe, and under the highest security standards.

If we do not comply with these regulations and standards, we will not be able to provide you with any of our services.

In addition to the legal requirements we have to keep your information and money safe, we take other precautions to ensure your money is even safer than required by law.

💡 If you want to add another level of security to your Verse account, our application has different measures that can be very useful. For example, our app gives you the ability to:

✧ hide your main balance (to do this, you must press the eye-shaped button in the upper left corner of your screen);
✧ hide the CVC code on your VerseCard (which is beneficial in cases of theft, for example);
✧ lock or change your VerseCard PIN directly from the app.

Finally, to reinforce your security, we recommend that you configure a PIN code to access the application that only you know or, if your device allows it, that you register your fingerprint or your Face ID.

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