How do I invite my friends to Verse?

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We love that you invite your friends 💙 and that they form part of our community and benefit from all our products and services.

To invite a friend you must send them an invitation code, which you can find by accessing the icon of your initial or your photo in the upper right part of the main screen, and inside access by clicking on “Invite your friends and earn €5". Send this code to your friend 🤗.

When your friend completes the following steps, both of you will receive a gift. We will give your friend a gift as a welcome to the application, and you for sharing your friends with us. The steps to get the gift for you and your friend are as follows:

  1. First, your friend must open an account in Verse and complete the verification process with their ID and a selfie.
  2. Your friend must add your promotional code in their Verse app (the Promo Code). The promo code must be added in the "Enter promotion code" section. They have 5 days to add the code from the day they have registered with us and once added, 5 days to complete the additionaly necessary steps.
  3. Your friend must add at least €5 o €10 and make a payment of at least €5 or €10 to another user. The amount depends on the country.

And voila, that's it. If all those steps are fulfilled, both of you can receive the gift  🎁. The value of the gift may vary depending on the use you make of the application* and/or the country your phone number is from.

*Verse reserves the right to give the gift at all times, as well as to withdraw the invitation link to users who make abusive or fraudulent use of it.

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