What is the inactivity fee?

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As of the 1st of April 2023, a monthly fee of €3 will be applied to accounts that have been inactive, i.e. have not logged into the app, for the last 12 months. As stated in Verse's General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use in section "6. Fees and Commissions", "Verse may apply a monthly fee of €3 to inactive Customer accounts (...) The fee is applicable for the entire period in which the Customer account is inactive. Verse will never use this fee to put an account in a negative balance".

That being said, we would like to emphasize that Verse will never charge you more than the balance you have available in the app. In other words, if you haven't logged into your account in the last year, and you have a cent, we will only charge you the cent. We will never leave your Verse account in negative, ever!

If you want to avoid being charged this fee, it's super easy: log into the app 💙. In case you don't want to keep your account active, and you want to get your money back, send us your request, and we'll be happy to help you 💪🏼.

Here you have the conversions depending on each currency:

  • For Euro → 3 EUR
  • For Polish Zloty → 12 PLN
  • For Romanian Leu → 12 RON
  • For Danish Krone → 19 DKK
  • For Swedish Krona → 28 SEK
  • For Norwegian Krone → 28 NOK
  • For Hungarian Forint → 1000 HUF

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